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Bitzer + Single GmbH - the next generation!

After more than 30 years as a partner and managing director, Hartmut Single left the company at the end of June.
The vacant position of managing director was filled with two new recruits on July 1st, 2024!
The siblings Anna-Maria Freund (everything for fashion and lifestyle) and Johannes Freund (everything technical) now form the new family management trio of Bitzer + Single GmbH together with their father Bernhard Freund!

Young, dynamic and above all: MORE FEMININE than before!

For us, this change in leadership marks the beginning of a new chapter in which we will continue our mission as usual:
Providing innovative, high-quality and sustainable textile products for our customers and thus further strengthening our market presence!

Many thanks to everyone who accompanied us during this time!

You can find us on the following trade fairs

MUNICH FABRIC START München  |  03. - 04. 09. 2024

PERFORMANCEDAYS München |  23. - 24. 10. 2024

TEXSELECT Rottweil |  10. 12. 2024

INTERFILIÈRE Paris |  08. - 10. 09. 2024   

MARE DI MODA Cannes |  05. - 07. 11. 2024   

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We are a modern and efficient dealership and sales agency which is mainly active in the clothing industry and other areas of the textile sector.

Modern & efficient

For our customers in this line of activity we offer a comprehensive and complementary range of fabrics, accessories, yarns and services. In doing so we market the products of some leading European and Asian manufacturers to a large number of customers in the whole German speaking region.

The geographically advantageous location in southern Germany, an up-to-date enterprise, long-standing concentration on the core business and the resulting know-how guarantee an efficient handling of all enquiries and orders.

Reliable partner

The experience of many years, motivated and competent staff members, extensive stock service as well as the latest information and communication technology qualify us as an important and reliable partner for both customers and suppliers.



BITZER + SINGLE as a large and important component supplier to the clothing and textile industry can look back on a history of five decades. The most important milestones are:

  • 1. September 1961 Erwin Bitzer und Hanns Single open a sales agency for texile accessories in Albstadt-Ebingen. The operating range is a textile center in southern Germany. First rented offices in Albstadt-Ebingen's Gartenstrasse. The following years bring a continuous expansion. Additional services require larger warehouse and office capacities.

  • 1970 Move the first owned premises in Albstadt-Ebingen's Schmiechastrasse.

  • 1981 Further growth induce the management to change the legal form of the business to a limited company.

  • 1990-1991 The German reunification brings a boom and another extension is necessary.

  • 1991 Beginning of the construction activities for a new company building in Albstadt-Lautlingen.

  • 1993 Move to the new, ample and prestigious premises in Albstadt-Lautlingen where optimal working conditions are available. Mid of the 1990s a restructuring of the product range begins with more focus on fabrics, particularly premium stretch fabrics for corsetry, lingerie and swimwear. Simultaneously expansion of the activities to the whole German speaking area including Austria and Switzerland.

  • 1996 Start of the alteration of generations and the transition of the management. Hartmut Single is appointed Managing Director in place of his father.

  • 1997 Bernhard Freund is appointed Managing Director in place of Erwin Bitzer, his father-in-law.

  • from 2005 intensified focusing on technical produts such as special yarns for the medical, furniture and automobile industry, filter technlogy etc.

  • 16. August 2010 Erwin Bitzer passes away unexpectedly and leaves a large gap in "his" company in which he was still active.

  • 1. September 2011 BITZER + SINGLE turns 50 years and looks ahead optimistically.

  • 1. November 2012 Move to Albstadt-Ebingen. In the Schiller-Areal, a historic velvet factory, we have brand new offices which are furnished according to the latest ergonomical and organisational criteria.

  • 2016 Intensive marketing efforts, adaptations of the product portfolio and good cooperation with our suppliers lead to the highest turnover in the history of the company.

  • 1. September 2021 The Company had his 60 birthday and is very happy with the business. It weathered the corona crisis well

  • 1. Juli 2024 Hartmut Single has retired. His tasks will be followed by Anna-Maria and Johannes Freund. Together with Bernhard Freund they are the new Executive Management Team of Bitzer + Single.



We offer a comprehensive and complimentary choice of fabrics, accessories and yarns.

Browse in our range or search directly for your line of business or alphabetically for the favoured product.


Accessories | Airjet yarns | Applications of all kinds


Bandages | Bias bindings | Braids | Buttons


Charmeuse fabrics | Clips | Combination yarns | Cords | Corespun yarns
Cover threads | Crochet galloon laces | Coolmax® fabrics


Elastic bands | Elastic laces | Embroideries | Electric arc protection fabrics | Electrostatic discharge (ESD) fabrics


Flame protection fabrics


Healds | High-elasticity yarns | Heat protection fabrics


Inkjet prints | Interlock fabrics


Jacquardtronic laces | Jersey fabrics


Labels | Laminated fabrics | Lingerie accessories | Lurex fabrics


Metal eyelets | Micro-fibre fabrics | Molding technology |

 Multi-norm protection fabrics


Outerwear fabrics


Pipings | Plastic bags and foils | Plastic lables | Printed fabrics
Push button tapes | PPE garments and fabrics


Raschel laces | Reflective tapes | Ribbons


Seam ribbons | Sewing threads | Snap fasteners | Stock service
Straight cut tapes | Strass motifs | Swimwear fabrics | Stretch fabrics


Technical textiles | Terry cloth | Textronic laces | Transfer prints | Tulles
Twisted yarns


Velcro fasteners | Velvets


Warp knitted fabrics | Woven labels | Welding protection fabrics




Anna-Maria Freund

B.Eng. Textile Engineering
+ 49 (0) 74 31 / 95 80 - 0

Executive Manager

Bernhard Freund

Dipl.- Ingenieur (FH)
+ 49 (0) 74 31 / 95 80 - 40

Executive Manager

Johannes Freund

B.Eng. Material and Process Engineering
+ 49 (0) 74 31 / 95 80 - 60


Philipp Kruse

B.Sc. Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
+ 49 (0) 74 31 / 95 80 - 43



Désirée Göbel

Dipl-Ing. (FH) Textil- und Bekleidungstechnik
+ 49 (0) 74 31 / 95 80 - 42


Reliable & Capable - Our Partners at a glance

AJ Biais SAS  |  38-40, Rue de la Croix de Mission  |  F-42009 St. Etienne
Phone +33/4/777350090  |

Flat bias tapes, straight cut tapes, folded tapes, pipings, reflective tapes, reflective pipings for garments, home textiles, furniture, medical applications

Alterfil Nähfaden GmbH | Bahnhofstrasse 33 | D-09569 Oederan
Phone +49/37292/26- 112 |

High quality sewing and embroidery threads, fancy effect threads and technical yarns made in Germany

CP Aluart SL  |  Pablo Iglesias St, 56 B.2   |  E-08302 Matáro (Barcelona)
Phone +34/93/7571606 |

Thermal fabrics,cut resistant fabrics, fire retardant fabrics, windstop fabrics, personal protection equipment (PPE)

Art Martin | Societe Nouvelle | 60, L. et R. Desgrand | F-69100 Villeurbanne
Phone +33/4/7265-2500 |

Accessories for lingerie and corsetry (e.g. rings, slides, adjusters, bra wires, moulded bra cups, foams), fashion accessories for swimwear and ligerie

Bodyvision Technology GmbH | Krefelder Strasse 562 | D-41066 Mönchengladbach
Phone +49/2161/830330 |

Development and production of technical fabrics for liquid management. Use in daily hygiene and incontinence, clinics and hospitals, sports, military, pets and automotive.

Borgini Jersey S.r.l. | Via alla Selva, 565 | I-22070 Cassina Rizzardi (CO)
Phone +39/031/883311 |

Fine polyester jerseys for sportswear, swimwear, lingerie

Bornemann Etiketten GmbH | Otto-Hahn-Str. 19 | D-42369 Wuppertal
Phone +49/202/47897-0 |

Woven labels, printed labels, plastic labels, transfer prints, tags in many diferent styles

Escher Textil GmbH & Co. KG | Färberstr. 3 - 7 | D-42275 Wuppertal
Phone +49/202/26860 |

Braids, galloons, cords, fashion accessories

Etiketten-Service Conzelmann KG | Zitterhofstr. 13 | D-72461 Albstadt-Tailfingen
Phone +49/7432/5698 |

Textile care labels, self-adhesive labels

Fein Elast Grabher AG | Güterstr. 39 | CH-9444 Diepoldsau (SG)
Phone +41/71/73790-0 |

Cover threads, corespun yarns, boucle yarns, airjet yarns

HERTER EDELWEISS JERSEY GMBH & CO. KG | Eschachstr. 1 | D-72459 Albstadt-Lautlingen
Phone +49/7431/959-10 | E-Mail: |

Circular knitted fabrics and body widths for workwear, lingerie and technical textiles

Heiligenstädter Reissverschluss GmbH + Co | Rengelröderweg 33 | D-37308 Heilbad Heiligenstadt
Phone +49/3606/552284 |

Plastic zippers, metal zippers

Iluna S.p.A. | Via IV Novembre, 60 | I-20012 Cuggiono (MI)
Phone +39/02/97242601 |

Laces for Lingerie, corseterie, swimwear Raschel, Jacquardtronic, Textronic

Grupo Moda Estilmar, S.A. | P.I. Mata - Rocafonda | Carretera de Mata 115 | E-08304 Mataro (Barcelona)
Phone +34/93/7419010 |

Printed fabrics for swimwear, lingerie and ladies wear.

Krahnen & Gobbers GmbH | Girmesgath 5 | D-47839 Krefeld (Hüls)
Phone +49/2151/4408-0 |

Hook and loop tapes Mushroom and velour tapes Hoop and loop coins Closure systems Elastic hook and loop tape

LOXY AS  | Sørliveien 72 | Berg i Østfold | N-1788 Norway
Phone +47 69 19 53 90 | E-Mail: |

adhesive tapes elastic and non-elastic, Individual transfer prints, reflective tapes, laminations, developments for customer-specific film products

Mario Cucchetti Tessuti s.r.l. | Via Novara, 14 | I-21053 Castellanza (VA)
Phone +39/0331/677474 |

Fine jerseys for ladieswear, shirts etc.

Blended fabrics with cotton, bamboo, soja, viscose, modal, silk, wool, cashmere etc. . Laminations, lasercuts

Fritz Moll Textilwerke GmbH & CO. KG | Ravensburger Str. 14 |
D-88361 Altshausen
Phone +49/7584/926-0 |


Elastic bands and narrow fabrics for lingerie, corsetry, sportswear, outerwear as well as for a wide variety of technical applications.
Customer specific developments.


ODEA s.a.s. | 38-40 Rue de la Croix de Mission | F-42015 Saint Etienne Cedex 2
Phone +33/477/434894 |

Hook and eye tape, wire casing, bra closures

Royotec | C/ Cuatro s/n - Pol. Ind. Picassent | ES-46220 Picassent-Valencia
Phone +34 961 240300 |

Technical fabrics for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).
Areas of use: petro and chemical industry, automotive industry, welding, electricians, foundries, glass industry

Sitip S.p.A. | Via Vall'Alta, 13 | I-24020 Cene (BG)
Phone +39/035/736511 |

Fabrics for active wear, cycling, swimwear; textiles for technical and medical uses

YKK Stocko Fasteners GmbH | Kirchhofstrasse 52 | D-42327 Wuppertal
Phone +49/202/7493-0 |

Snap buttons, rivets, eyelets